Wine Aerator, Camboss One-Touch Portable Wine Air Aerator, Wine Aerator for Wine Bottle, Convenient Spout, Enhance Wine Flavor of all Ages, FDA Approved, Gift Box
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Wine Aerator, Camboss One-Touch Portable Wine Air Aerator, Wine Aerator for Wine Bottle, Convenient Spout, Enhance Wine Flavor of all Ages, FDA Approved, Gift Box
INSTANT AERATION: Aerate and oxidize with one button to soften tannin and enrich your wine for luxurious taste, the wine decanter aerator aerates in seconds and helps draw out the aroma and vibrancy of wine, beer, scotch, and whiskey. Great aerator for wine lovers, your party & friends will get all the fun of seeing perfectly fast aerated wine. NO SPILLS OR SEDIMENT: With the dual infusion & suction system, draw wine without sediments & pour precisely from the spout. There are 2 flexible tubes to be long enough to get to the bottom of the bottle, you can enjoy the whole bottle of wine. Nice wine aerator pourer. KEEP WINE FRESH LONGER: This aerator wine features an airtight rubber seal, your wine can remain fresh while drinking. Powered With 4 AAA batteries(not included), the aerator wine pourer has enough power to aerate and dispense approximately 250 bottles. EASY INSTALLMENT & MAINTENANCE: Remove the cover by turning it counterclockwise, insert batteries, connect the tube to the body, open a bottle of wine and slip the wine pourer aerator into it, with the push of a button perfectly aerated wine is delivered straight to the glass. It's easy to use and clean with the precise pour technology, no spills anytime. PACKAGE & WARRANTY: 1 * Electric Wine Aerator, 2 * Flexible Tubes, 1 * User Manual. Provide 1-Year Manufacturer¡¯s Warranty and 30 days no-questions-asked return policy.
Easy to install:
1.Turn the 'open' side and pull out.
2.Install 4 rechargeable AAA batteries.
3.Screw back to the original place.
4.The guide tube connects the wine aerator.
5.Screw back to the original place.
6.The guide tube connects the wine aerator.

Easy to Clean:
1.Remove the cover, place 4 AAA batteries into the battery compartment.
2.Replace the cover then take an empty wine bottle and fill it with clean water.
3.Connect the tube to the decanter by pressing the end with the cap onto the nozzle.
4.Place the decanter over the mouth of the bottle making sure to thread the tube though the neck.
5.Place a glass or other container under the decanter's spout.
6.Press and hold the button to use the decanter. Continue until all the water has been used up.
Repeat this process at least 3 times to fully clean out the decanter.

1.If storing the aerator for more than 1 month, remove the batteries and store separately. 
2.Do not mix old and new batteries or batteries from different brands.
3.Please ensure the aerator’s cover is fully installed over the battery compartment before use.
4.This electric wine aerator is operated with 4 AAA batteries (not included).
5.Avoid putting the device in the dishwasher.
6.Avoid completely inverting your device when it is attached to a bottle with wine or water in it.
7.Avoid running your device under water in the sink, either while inverted or upright.

Dimensions: 5.7×4.8×2.17 in (14.5×12.2×5.5 cm)
Power Source: 4×AAA Barreries (not included)
Weight: 0.35 lbs (160g)
Pump Flow: 60.9-67.6 oz/min (1.8-2.0 L/min)
Pressure: 100 Kpa (14.5 psi)
Volume: 1.2 oz/2 sec

What’s in the Box: 
1 X Electric Wine Aerator
2 X Flexible tubes
1 X User manual
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